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The Rise Of Social Media Stories – What You Need To Know

The Rise Of Social Media Stories – What You Need To Know

So, Why Do Stories Work?

Stories keeps our content together in the one place. If we tried to do this on the Facebook newsfeed it would be disjointed (or perhaps we wouldn’t see it at all) but with stories you can add content to the one story throughout the day, keeping it all together.

Stories suit our lifestyle and our sharing habits – and the stats are showing that it is a format that’s here to stay.

On Instagram, stories can consist of a single still shot or video – or an entire story over 24 hours. If you don’t want your story to expire on Instagram you can archive it or even share it forever on your profile as a “Story Highlight”.

The possibilities are endless and even today as I write this there is another update to features on Instagram stories.

So let’s jump in to how you can leverage Social Media Stories for your business with a few tips for taking advantage of the popular story format.

6 Quick Tips To Leverage The Rise In Social Media Stories And The Story Format

Now, before I give you these quick tips for social media stories, full disclosure that I am an Instagram Stories user and I love it. So please forgive me for skewing these tips towards Instagram, but most of them are easily applied to any of the platforms:

  1. If you are unsure about where to start, start with Instagram Stories. They are growing the fastest, have the best range of tools to use to create stories (many of them built into the tool).  And all the data is pointing towards Instagram Stories being the leader in the race.  Start with one format then branch out from there.
  2. Don’t be afraid to share your content across platforms. You can save your Instagram Stories, share them to your Facebook profile or even repurpose them for later into a YouTube video.  There are many ways to make your content work for your business after you have created it.
  3. Use the Tools available to you – there are many tools within Instagram. These include the drawing tools, new funky text/typing tools, boomerang, reverse video, storyhighlights, video, images and more.  You can literally create something amazing without using any external tools. But if you are looking for external tools, then check out this post for some of my favourites and of course now I am starting to play with Fastory too!
  4. Create Story Highlights on Instagram to feature a number of stories on a permanent basis. Find out more about highlights here. This is all sorts of wonderful for sharing branded content.
  5. Your stories should help, entertain, give answers, provide solutions, take people behind the scenes, or make people laugh. In short, if they evoke an emotion or make us feel something, then people will stay on to watch!  If you can make us feel something… even if just an affinity with your brand, we are more likely to click or swipe up when you give a call to action.
  6. As seen in the data above, be human!  Two of the best performing story types involve the “human” side of business:   Story Takeovers or Guest Stories and giving an “Inside Look”. This is how you can humanize your brand!

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