Inspire Those around you to a healthier lifestyle


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Coming from a family of teachers and medical professionals, the impact of making a difference has been apparent to me from a young age. Contributing to a cause bigger than myself has incredible meaning in my life, because I wouldn’t be where I am without others helping me along in the darkest of times.

Countless numbers of people have lent a helping hand to me in so many different ways, some big, some so small they may not even have realized the impact they have made. People often think that “making a difference” means you have to perform some grand gesture or go so far outside your self that it is a burden. For me, making a difference means making small changes to your life and the lives of people around me that eventually snowball into a major change. This is a value that I am always trying to be cognizant of, because no matter how big of a difference you think you’ve made, you can always do more. It is a never ending challenge and that is why it is an important value for me.

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