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A Determined Father

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As a boy from a broken family, I didn’t have anything handed to me on a silver platter. At an early age I worked with my Uncle and got a paper route. I worked odd jobs because I was too young to legally work. Not because I wanted to work, but because I wanted things every child wants. For me it was a game watch. At a young age I struggled to earn enough for what I wanted.

At 14 years of age, while working as a gas station attendant it hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Some people pulled into that gas station with really nice cars while most did not. “I just have to do what they do!” I thought to myself. That day I made a commitment to give my children a better childhood than myself. To ensure they wouldn’t have to struggle.

Two years later, and finally a valid response. A man named Mike in a charcoal gray Jaguar gave me the answer I needed. Mike said “I own a business that sells supplies to other businesses. I’m an entrepreneur.” He also suggested a book to start me out. The very next day as soon as I got out of high school and before work I got that book. I worked my shift and went home to my lonely apartment no teenager should be living in, and I devoured that book at one sitting.

Entrepreneur. It sounded so easy. I was going to be an entrepreneur so I could be the best father ever, the best grandfather and great-grandfather. “If I become an entrepreneur my children and their children can enjoy their childhood. Not be stuck in the rat race. If I become an entrepreneur my children can play sports or dance after school instead of working a minimum wage job. If I become an entrepreneur I can be the father mine is not.”

16 years old and I’m learning everything I could about business, real estate, finance, everything that can make me an entrepreneur; and a great one. I was hungry. Not for me but for my future children. In high school I formed my first business entity and started a couple small businesses. Finally I was getting somewhere.

24 years old and I get amazing news. I’m going to be a father! So many emotions flow through me. I’m excited yet scared, I know it’s a life changing moment but what do I do first? Before this innocent daughter of mine enters the world, I purchased her first rental property. That’s right, I bought her a house. I bought her that property because I am an entrepreneur and I made a commitment to give her a childhood. I purchased one for my second daughter when I got the news I would be a dad again.

These investments were purchased not to spoil my kids but rather to give them a future. To instill good financial habits and work ethic while letting them concentrate on school and social activities like sports, dance, or girl scouts. This way they don’t have to work right after class.

The goal was to refinance the home with them as they were ready for college.They would learn how to deal with tenants, contractors, banks, ect. They could learn an investment vehicle an avenue of entrepreneurs. It would be a good debt (mortgage) instead of the worst debt (student loan). It would build their credit and inevitable position them to give their children a better life than I could.

Entrepreneurs take risks, and with great risk can be great reward. For the last 8 plus years, I have been working on a project – the largest risk of my life. Even riskier now with 3 kids.The business model works. We know! We are not reinventing the wheel just changing the tire so to speak.

The risk is not the business model. The risk is being under funded for the resources we need to make it the huge success that can evolve an entire industry. It has to be launched on a large scale in order to stop big business typhoons from competing or straight out stealing from us. Everything that we have sacrificed, risked, and worked so hard for.

8 years. It’s no secret big goals take time. You have to think months or even years down the road. Because they take so much time, we’re often tempted to quit before reaching them. I will not quit. We will not quit.

One common goal, 100 plus volunteers. Only a lack of resources holding us back. How do you reach such a large goal that takes more than you have? I have personally given everything I have to this venture and continue to do so. I have taken from my children and they are making drastic sacrifices. I have put all the eggs into one basket. I’m failing the father I wanted to be, because I’m an entrepreneur. I’m risking everything in the faith of humanity; this time for the children of the world!

We will be releasing our project to the world very soon. Together we will do great things. With your help if we come together for one goal our story can end like this…After nearly a decade of hard work, belief, perseverance, and determination – after years of uncertainty and doubt, they finally reached their goal. They reached their goal by coming together as a community and taking a stand against immediate competition.

Image result for father and son

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