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The Day I Loss Her

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Do you remember the last time you spoke to your mother? If you do, when was that? Do you remember the last time you expressed how much you love her? If so, when?

I am unsure if it was only me but we tend to have this habit of shying away from the expressing how important our mother or our father to us.

I must admit that I am not used to expressing how much I love my parents. I seldom say the most used three words: I Love You. It is not because I am shy about telling it but I have this mannerism about if I don’t feel like saying it, you can never make me say it.

But that changed the moment I learned about my mother’s diagnosis. It was November 2016 when it was confirmed that my mother has stage 3 ductal carcinoma ( stage 3 breast cancer). I know that the chance of beating this illness is 50/50.

But we didn’t stop, however, we followed all her physician’s advice. She went through the process of chemotherapy and all. Bitch as it is, cancer isn’t easy to beat. It took all of my mother’s will and desire to get well.

For two years, she continued to fight against the bigC. We had owed from different people for her to continue with her required chemotherapy and medication. People were there to help her in any way they could– financially, morally, and even for her food.

Her co-church goers became more than a family to us. They were there for her. Uplifting her spiritually whenever she feels like giving up. People who aren’t a family but they were there for her. All through her journey, I’ve witnessed how these people became apart of her. I couldn’t be thankful for their generosity.

A few days ago, my mother lost her battle. Her body had given up and became weaker due to the high dosage of medication she received. It was almost two years of battling cancer. The hope had was still high until the end since cancer didn’t affect any of her other organs, however, there is what we call our calling. And hers came last March 25, 2018.

It wasn’t easy to accept. It wasn’t easy to not notice all the things she had done for me and my siblings. I know it wasn’t too late to appreciate all the things a mother had done to their children. However, you got to notice it more when they aren’t around us anymore.

I must admit, I miss every thing about my mother. I miss all the things she does whenever I go and visit her. I miss all of her. I am not saying that I didn’t appreciate everything she had done for me, but nowadays, I miss her more.

This is one of the things we tend to forget–to show and appreciate whatever our parents do to us. I know it isn’t late for those whose mothers are still around them. Let them know how much you appreciated all their efforts. All what they did to your life just to make sure that you are in good position.

I will miss my mom. It has only been less than nine days since she left us permanently but I know and she knows how I’d appreciated all the things she’d done for me. I am happy to know she’s happier now in the house of her creator!

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